Norwegian activists campaign for changes in the law


Two years ago in Norway, the HIV Manifesto Group produced a four page manifesto which was distributed to all members of the Norwegian Parliament, media, and national and international organisations. The manifesto aimed to increase the public focus on HIV and criminalisation, and to get endorsements for changes in the law.

Norway / Europe and Central Asia

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ARASA champions campaigns for the decriminilisation of wilfull transmission of HIV

Namibia, South Africa / Southern Africa

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Call for a comprehensive evaluation of the way Canada’s HIV-related criminal laws are being applied

Working Group on Criminal Law and HIV Exposure (CLHE).

CLHE will soon be embarking on a campaign urging Ontario’s Attorney General to undertake a process to develop guidelines for police and criminal prosecutors. Police and prosecutors need guidelines to ensure that decisions to investigate and prosecute such cases are informed by a complete and accurate understanding of current medical and scientific research about HIV, and take into account the social contexts of living with HIV.

Canada / North America

CLHE is very interested in hearing your views on this matter. CLHE can be contacted at: