Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Last updated on: 5 May 2012

Criminalisation of HIV transmission/exposure

Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Whether Specific law enacted: 
Number of people prosecuted: 
Number of people convicted: 

Other laws and policies with an impact on responses to HIV

Laws and regulations relating to entry, stay or residence in the country: 

Entry regulations: There are no official regulations regarding the entry of people with HIV/AIDS.

Residence regulations: There are no specific regulations regarding the stay of foreigners with HIV/AIDS. There are no treatment facilities for people with HIV/AIDS. If a person's HIV-positive status becomes known, he/she is sent back to his/her country of origin. The reason given for this is the lack of experience with HIV/AIDS and the lack of treatment options.

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Laws relating to same sex, sexual relations: 

Male to Male relationships: Legal

Punishments for male to male relationships:  No law

Female to Female Relationships: Legal

Age of consent:  Equal for heterosexuals and homosexuals

Marriage and Substitutes for Marriage: No law

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