Last updated on: 3 May 2012

Criminalisation of HIV transmission/exposure

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According to the Commission on AIDS in the Pacific report[1] the Quarantine and Communicable Diseases 1994 Public Health Laws; Palau National Code 34 (PNC) describes HIV and AIDS as a routine reportable disease, and cases must be entered on a weekly reporting form.

[1]Commission on AIDS in the Pacific (2009), ‘Turning the tide: an open strategy for a response to AIDS in the Pacific. Report of the Commission on AIDS in the Pacific’, UNAIDS, annex 4.

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We have no information on Palau except that the Pacific Island AIDS Foundation has carried out work there. In case you have additional information, please contact

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Pacific Island AIDS Foundation

Other laws and policies with an impact on responses to HIV

Laws relating to same sex, sexual relations: 
Male to Male relationships: Not Legal

Punishments for male to male relationships: Imprisonment of less than 10 years

Female to Female Relationships: Legal

Marriage and Substitutes for Marriage: No law

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Protective laws and policies for people living with HIV: