Last updated on: 7 July 2012

Criminalisation of HIV transmission/exposure

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Number of people living with HIV: UNAIDS/WHO

Thankfulness: We are grateful to Edgar Carrasco (ex-Director ACCSI-Human Rights Organization, Caracas-Venezuela) who provided the most of the laws that could be potentially used.

FundaciĆ³n Vencer

Coordinadora de Derechos Humanos de Paraguay

Other laws and policies with an impact on responses to HIV

Laws and regulations relating to entry, stay or residence in the country: 

The law on AIDS control and prevention was adopted in 1991. The article 22, law no. 102/91 states:

"Anyone entering Paraguay with the intention to apply for permanent residency is required to undergo HIV testing at the regional medical laboratory. A residence permit is not granted in the case of a positive test result. The law is applied only when requesting a permit for permanent residency. The test result has to be presented to the Ministry of the Interior when applying for a permanent residence permit or a local ID card. "

In general, no medical certificate or HIV test result is required when entering the country.

The Migration Department informed us by telephone that the presence of foreigners with infectious diseases is not tolerated. In reality, people living with HIV and AIDS get a residency permit if they can prove that they can bear the cost of treatment themselves, without the support of public funds. They do this in order not to discriminate against people living with HIV and AIDS, but it is not a legal entitlement.

An HIV-test is required when applying for a residency permit.

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Laws relating to same sex, sexual relations: 

Male to Male relationships: Legal

Punishments for male to male relationships: No law

Female to Female Relationships: Legal

Age of consent: Different for heterosexuals and homosexuals

Marriage and Substitutes for Marriage: No law

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