Last updated on: 27 April 2012

Criminalisation of HIV transmission/exposure

Whether Specific law enacted: 
Number of people prosecuted: 
Number of people convicted: 
Applicable law: 

No information available.


A specific law was proposed and discussed in Parliament. However, the Minister of Justice publicly said that this is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with in depth.

Survey respondents/Organisations working on HIV and the Law: 

Stichting Mamio, Namen Project

Other laws and policies with an impact on responses to HIV

Laws and regulations relating to entry, stay or residence in the country: 

On May 5, 2008, the Republic of Suriname adopted a new law establishing entry restrictions targeting people with HIV from certain countries and regions.

Citizens from countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, requiring a visa to enter Suriname, must present evidence of health and travel insurance plus a health certificate stating the absence of leprosies, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis B, HIV and tuberculosis. A respective note has been sent by the Foreign Ministry to its Missions abroad.

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Laws relating to same sex, sexual relations: 

Male to Male relationships: Legal

Punishments for male to male relationships: No law

Female to Female Relationships: Legal

Age of consent: Different for heterosexuals and homosexuals

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