Last updated on: 14 January 2015

Criminalisation of HIV transmission/exposure

Whether Specific law enacted: 
Number of people prosecuted: 
Number of people convicted: 

Other laws and policies with an impact on responses to HIV

Laws and regulations relating to entry, stay or residence in the country: 

Independent of purpose and duration of stay, people with known HIV infection are not allowed to enter Yemen.

Tourists staying less than 3 months are not controlled, whether on entry nor during their stay.

Residence or work permit applicants need to undergo HIV-testing in order to receive their permits. Applicants for a permanent residence status, students over 16 and all foreigners intending to stay longer than one month and their spouses are required to present a negative HIV-test result. HIV/AIDS is not mentioned in the Entry and Residence Law (law no. 47, 1991). The immigration authorities refer to “current international practice”.

Anti-HIV medication can be imported for personal use (limits are not defined).

Although the practices are generally applied, there are ways and means to avoid a mandatory HIV-test.

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Laws relating to same sex, sexual relations: 

Male to Male relationships: Legal

Punishments for male to male relationships:  No law

Female to Female Relationships: Legal

Age of consent:  Equal for heterosexuals and homosexuals

Marriage and Substitutes for Marriage: No law

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