Last reviewed 01 June 2017


Applicable laws

There is a draft law (see further reading for link) the status of which we do not know.

Applicable key wording

See discussion section.


From the responses received in 2004 it appeared that Albania had no laws that could be used to initiate prosecution proceedings for the transmission of HIV. We were told at that time that in 2000 the government had enacted legislation on the ‘prevention and control of HIV/AIDS', but this had not gone as far as imposing sanctions for transmission.

A special committee was set up in 2004 to review existing law and to consider whether criminal liability should be imposed for transmission of the virus.

The result of this committee was a 'draft law' covering all aspects of HIV/AIDS. It contained the following provisions :

Persons with HIV/AIDS shall have these obligations:

a) implement prevention and transmission of HIV to other people;
b) inform their spouses about the positive HIV test result;
c) other obligations provided for by this Law and other laws.

Last reviewed 01 June 2017

Last reviewed 01 June 2017

Last reviewed 01 June 2017