Last reviewed 01 June 2017

Specific laws

Specific law enacted Yes

Enacted in 2005

Specific law criminalising HIV non disclosure, exposure, or transmission: Yes

Prosecuted using non-HIV specific laws: No

Prosecuted using both specific and non specific laws: No

Is non-disclosure actionable: No

Is exposure actionable: No

Is transmission actionable: No


Applicable laws

Law 1/018 of 12 May 2005 on the Legal Protection of People Infected with HIV and of People Suffering from AIDS (2005).

The full title of the law in French is: Loi no 1/018 du 12 mai 2005 portant protection juridique des personnes infectées par le virus de l'immunodéficience humaine et des personnes atteintes du syndrome de l'immunodéficience acquise.

Applicable key wording

Article 42.

Any person who wilfully transmits HIV by any means will be prosecuted for attempted murder and is punishable according to the provisions of criminal law.


The law not only protects the rights of persons living with HIV, but also specifies their ‘obligations'.

UNAIDS (2008). UNAIDS recommendations for alternative language to some problematic articles in the N'Djamena legislation on HIV (2004).

Last reviewed 01 June 2017

Last reviewed 01 June 2017

Last reviewed 01 June 2017