Last reviewed 01 June 2017

Specific laws

Specific law enacted Yes

Specific law criminalising HIV non disclosure, exposure, or transmission: Yes

Prosecuted using non-HIV specific laws: No

Prosecuted using both specific and non specific laws: No

Is non-disclosure actionable: No

Is exposure actionable: No

Is transmission actionable: No


Number of prosecutions 1


Number of convictions 1


Applicable laws

Law on the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS 2002.

Applicable key wording

Intent to transmit HIV


Article 18: Any practice or acts of those who are HIV positive, which have the intention to transmit HIV to other people, shall be strictly prohibited.

Article 50: Any person, who violates the Article 18 of this law, shall be punished to imprisonment for ten (10) to fifteen (15) years. 



A HIV-positive rapist was convicted in 2006. See attached press report

Last reviewed 01 June 2017

Last reviewed 01 June 2017

Last reviewed 01 June 2017