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Africa: HIV Laws Do More Harm Than Good by Miriam Mannak (IPS)

06 Aug 2009
I received an email last week from Miriam Mannak, a freelance writer based in Cape Town, South Africa who keeps on blog on AIDS in Africa. She recently contributed this excellent piece on the spectre of criminalisation on her continent … More

Egypt: Appeals court upholds convictions of HIV-positive gay men

09 Jun 2008
Egypt continues to criminalise people living with HIV, according to Human Rights Watch. Police and guards beat several of the men in detention. A prosecutor told one of the men that he had tested positive for HIV by saying, “People … More

Egypt: More HIV-positive men arrested

15 Feb 2008
The BBC NEWS website is reporting that four more men suspected of being HIV-positive have been arrested in Egypt, bringing the total to twelve. For more on this appalling human rights violation, see this post. “These cases show Egyptian police … More

Egypt: Human Rights Watch highlights criminalisation of people with HIV

05 Feb 2008
This blog is largely concerned with prosecutions for HIV exposure or transmission; often we refer to this in short-hand as ‘the criminalisation of HIV’. But, according to a devastating news report today from Human Rights Watch, Egypt has criminalised people … More

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Egypt went through regime change in 2011. The new government will review laws. It is unknown whether this has an effect on this topic.

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