Last updated on: 8 March 2011

The Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their help in realising the Global Criminalisation Scan:

Special thanks to the regional partners leading the Global Criminalisation Scan in their regions:

  • The Asia Pacific Network of people living with HIV/AIDS (APN+),  who provided information for the Asia Pacific Region;
  • The Caribbean Network of people living with HIV/AIDS (CRN+), who provided information for the Caribbean;
  • GNP+ North America (GNP+ NA), who provided the data from Canada and the United States of America;
  • Network of African People living with HIV/AIDS (NAP+), through the Sub regional offices in Central, East and West Africa, who provided data for Africa;
  • Red Latino Americana de personas viviendo con VIH/SIDA (REDLA+) who provided data for Latin America; and
  • Terrence Higgins Trust (UK) who provided the data for Europe and Central Asia. 

For their assistance in pulling together existing collections of information:  Andrew Doupe, Edwin J. Bernard, Ernests Strazdins, Georg Bröring and Julian Hows - big thanks for all their efforts.
As members of the advisory group:

  • Deborah Glejser (Coordinatrice communication et mobilisation – Groupe SIDA - Geneve);
  • Justice Edwin Cameron (Supreme Court of Appeal, South Africa);
  • Dr. Matthew Weait (Lecturer in Law)
  • Mrs. Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga (former-MP Zimbabwe);
  • Mr. Richard Elliot (Executive Director, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network);
  • Mr. Ruben Pecchio (Lawyer, Board member GNP+ on behalf of RedLA+);
  • Mr. Ted Gaudet (On behalf of GNP+ NA).

Thanks also to staff at GNP+ for conceptualising, developing, implementing and managing the Global Criminalisation Scan: Christoforos Mallouris (Director of Programmes), Moono Nyambe (Programme Officer) and Martin Stolk (Communications Officer).
For financial and other support since the development of the Global Criminalisation Scan: AIDS Fonds Netherlands, GSK's Positive Action, HIVOS and UNAIDS,

For the design of the logo: Raffaele Teo

For the creating the updated Website:  Gabor Baeten and team at Design website by Bureau Esmé

For the web technical support: Lisette Giessen (Yweb Design) and Johan Nobel (Codewerk).